Complementary Practitioners - So you want to make a difference.

Work with Children who have Special and Complex Needs?

You, are seeking the ideal course and tutor who can show you how to use your reflexology and massage skill effectively and safely with children and young people with SEN.

How to begin? Where to start?
There are a lot of questions.

 What  emotional and mobility challenges do these children face?

 How to adapt your skills to work with a variety of needs?

 How to know if you are using the correct techniques?


 Are other professionals involved?  Will this affect the treatments I offer?

 Collecting the medical and lifestyle information -  how does this differ from other clients consultations?

 Where’s the best place to practice?

 If any child has difficulties  speaking, hearing or seeing, how to communicate when treating them?

 How do I market myself?

This is where I come in.

I’ve collected all the answers and more in my on-line training programme, SEN Tranquility; the culmination of eighteen years working in Special Educational and Disabilities; a personal and professional perspective. 

In addition you’ll learn directly  from my contacts in  social services, educational and medical contacts including; nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists.

As a bonus you get my business and Public Relations expertise.

No expense of travel or accommodation costs.

No time taken out of your business day so no loss of income.

Access to the teaching and demonstrations for a life time.