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Learn skills for life. Reflexology and massage SEN Soothing Sequences.

Reflexology and massage are non-invasive treatments that can induce a sense of relaxation and ease muscular tension.

This may help to:

Improve sleep patterns

Induce a greater sense of calm

Increase tolerance of  touch for those who are hypersensitive

Reduce panic attacks and temper tantrums

Improve a sense of physical boundaries

Increase circulation easing digestive problems

I know how much passion that  parents, carers and teachers feel about  finding ways to give their child the best of health and enjoyment of life. Life can be tiring, balancing family, work and home. You just want to have a rest or enjoy life at weekend, one of the main reasons I created the reflexology and massage routines for SEN available as on-line classes. No travel needed, just a computer, learn in the comfort of your home at a time to suit you. Choose from:
SEN Soothing Sequence  1 - Sleeplessness
SEN Soothing  Sequence  2 - Constipation
SEN Soothing Sequence  3 -  Anxiety

Each SEN Soothing Sequence is a stand alone course and they all cover:

How to work comfortably and safely

When not to give treatments

Learning how to adapt the techniques when the child is in a wheelchair

What to do if your child is hyper or hypo sensitive or tactile defensive

Delivery is through a series of modules with visual demonstrations all recorded, so you can practice, with an accompanied work book. And since we learn best by sharing our experiences, there will be a number of Q&A sessions.

Here’s a gift for you

Find out how to help your sen child, with their problems of sleeplessness, constipation or anxiety.