About me

Elizabeth has over 28 years as professional complementary practitioner, 19 of these working with children and young people with SEN.  What makes her knowledge of reflexology and massage  such a positive support to children is her family background. Her nephew is autistic. She knows that a diagnosis does not define the person.  She works with understanding, patience and empathy. Knowing the   value of calm touch to the child and to the wider family. If needed,  Elizabeth uses a variety of ways to communicate with her clients from PECS to Makaton, from Social stories to Touch Cues.

She founded and ran an in-house clinic at a community school for children with autism, profound multiple learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. Collaborating  with the school nurse, doctor, key workers teachers, physiotherapists, CAMHS to ensure each child received the best treatment possible. She has taken her skills into the wider community in a private practice, setting up courses teaching parents and  SEN  professionals how to use her techniques safely and effectively in a series of SEN  Soothing Sequences and Tranquility Tips.

Keen to spread the word she has spoken at International Conferences, The Childrens Complementary Network Conference, parent support groups, and professional organisations Pace, National Autistic Society, PDNet, SEN Revolution, and the Association of Childrens Hospices, She is regularly published in consumer and professional publications and is specialist contributor to training materials for complementary practitioners.







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