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Elizabeth shows a great understanding of the needs of our students, tailoring each treatment, she's intuitive and knowledgable. Parents with a specific concern regarding their child ( poor sleeping, challenging behaviour or constipation receive her expertise and concentration on the issue. Parents often find that the problem has been resolved following treatment. The most energetic children come out happy and relaxed. Elizabeth has taught staff, parents and key workers skills for use at home appropriate to the children’s daily routine.

School Staff Nurse - Kate Hogg

Myles has had a vaccine, very laid back and no ill effects so far. His homeopathic doctor commented that the reason for his good health at the moment is down to his regular reflexology sessions with you. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Vernon-Evans

Thank you for your email and your lovely compliments, it was a pleasure to have someone speak for the coffee & support morning with such knowledge and understanding of our situation with our children and adults.  

Mo Wilson - Polly’s Place Manager - The Autism Trust

Eddie was really chilled when he came home today after his reflexology. Thank you.

Mrs Pearce

Returning from watching my son-in-law in the London Marathon, my husband with our 1 year old in a pushchair, our 11 year old grandsons and stepson the train platforms were crowded. 11 year old, Daniel, has Aspergers. He completely lost it crying, screaming and shouting. I have never seen him in such a state, none of us could console him. We managed to get on the train but but one stop felt like a hundred, even St Johns Ambulance asked if Daniel was ok. Then, a miracle. A lady we now know as Elizabeth Calderara, asked in confidence, if Daniel was on the Spectrum, if he was tactile defensive. We said no and she asked for his and our permission to help. She took his hand and in minutes he was a different boy calm, talkative, able to read his book behaving as if nothing bothered him. By Elizabeth applying pressure to his fingers and thumb nail was like a magic wand working its powers. None of us could believe the transformation, unless we had seen it with our own eyes. Thank goodness for people like Elizabeth

Gillian Butler


SEN Magazine

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The Professional Association of Reflexologists - Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

A specialist training book for Complementary Practitioners - ‘Reflexology from Tots to Teens - A Reflexologists Guide - I was the specialist for ASD ‘Crossing the Rainbow: The Magic of Connecting with Children on the Spectrum. Clinical Booklet for Working with Children

Creation and Implementation of Research and Development programme the outcomes of Reflexology and Massage for SEND children at Heritage House.

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A selection of Trainings Presentations and Keynote Speaking Events

  • Staff and Key Workers at Heritage House - Using Reflexology & Massage in School Setting
  • Parents Support Group - Heritage House - Using Reflexologist & Massage at home
  • Thomley Hall Centre - Reflexology treatments and presentation on open day
  • National Autistic Society - Southern Branch
  • Polly’s Place - The Autism Trust
  • Training Course Adapting Skills - Reflexology/Massage/Nutritionist Complementary Practitioners to work with families of children & young adults with SEND
  • Pace Staff & Students - When based at Heritage House
  • The Conference of Complementary Therapy for Children - Birmingham Children’s Hospital/Freshwinds two years running
  • The Inaugural Meeting of PDNet - A network for those supporting learners with disabilities
  • Inaugural Meeting of the Complementary Therapist and Nursing Staff at Helen and Douglas House - Respite Care and Hospice for children with life limiting conditions

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