I’m Elizabeth Calderara, a specialist in reflexology and massage for children and young people with special educational needs.

It was thanks to my nephew, born 18 years ago who introduced me to this incredible work. He has autism. Working with him taught me to to adapt my skills of reflexology and massage. And so began my SEN story. Supporting children with special and complex needs with their health and wellbeing.

The treatments were helpful in reducing anxiety, improving sleeplessness and easing muscle cramps and constipation.

Many times I was asked, ‘how do you do that, can you show me how?’

So I did.

The results can be found in my SEN Soothing Sequences, a series of simple, practical steps for use in the home or in school.

So whether you are a parent a carer, teacher or professional, or a complementary practitioner there will be a SEN Sequence to suit you.

As parents of a child who has special educational needs and who is struggling with anxiety, sleeping or constipation, you've probably tried everything. You've heard that reflexology and massage can help but can't find anyone who has the expertise or is local. Even if you did, your child has difficulties coping with unfamiliar surroundings, or may be tactile defensive; experience mobility, hearing or speech challenges.

Your next step?

As a practitioner in reflexology and/or massage, you want to make a difference using your skills to help SEN children but have no idea how to start, let alone how you find clients. You have the knowledge but lack confidence. You may have a family member who has SEN and want to know how to adapt reflexology and/or massage routines. You'd love to make connections and learn from SEN professionals - and add value to your practice, increase your income

What next?